Mobo help/suggs. for an i5 2500k build


Dec 3, 2011
Hi all. Looking for a little help on a Mobo, as there are a stupid amount of boards and variations out there and it has me sorta stumped(as I see others are for i5 builds). Figured I would make this post with what I plan on using this build for, as well as things I may want to add in the future. So here goes..

Things I know I will be doing with it.

~mid-to-high end gaming
~using 2 monitors(one HD wide screen for main use, older 21" square screen for background stuff)
~media stuff, nothing high end. music and stuff, maybe a little light photoshop use
~Single GTX 560 ti
~Minimal OC'ing (have never really messed with it much but plan on tinkering with it a bit)

Things I'm considering for the future.

~Adding an SSD
~Adding an addition GPU in sli when prices drop a bit or feel I need the extra card

TY in advance for any help/suggestions. This is really the only part I havent decided on (though I haven't started ordering anything yet, but have my list almost decided on). If ya need more info on my parts list so far feel free to ask.