Question Mobo lights on but no display & no fans working ?

Jan 30, 2022
I was in the middle of gaming when all of a sudden pc went dead. i have since replaced mobo and psu but still no fans on or display. I have tested case on switch(works). I have had this pc for nearly a year with no problems. Don't know what's happened, any help would be appreciated. The motherboard sleep LED light is on but the q-leds aren't.

I have:
cpu- Ryzen 1600af
Mobo- Rog b450-f gaming ii
Ram- Crucial ballistix 2x8gb
psu-corsair rm750x
cpu fan- stock
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Feb 1, 2022
Hi there. I think your prev mobo and psu is working fine. Theres something elses causing the problem. What elses u not confirmed ? Ram ? Ssd ? Gpu ? Try disconnecting/uninstall hardware that has not been confirmed/replaced with other similar hardware unit. As long as it is electronic and needed electric to be power up, theres posibality it can get faulty.