Mobo Makers get sneaky with Granstdale


Feb 4, 2004
Ive been reading articles from anandtech and now xbit about how mobo makers are adding agp to the pci-e only chipsets:

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pretty lame using pci, it sounds like false advertising to me, cuase they even admit it will perform badly, yet they still call it agp. i dont think it was a great move for intel to just drop agp support, but i think its even wrose for makers to try and pull this.


May 16, 2002
It's a bit crappy - Although bearing in mind that the fastest cards available now don't take advantage of all the bandwidth of 8x, it's not <i>that</i> terrible. something like running a 9800Pro in a 2x slot or something? :eek:

At least it gives you the option of using your old AGP card while you wait to get your new PCI-E one. If they had an AGP slot at the expense of a PCI-E slot, then that would be much worse, but they all seem to have both at least.

I do guess it is wrong to market it as AGP though. Perhaps they should call it 'AGP Emulation' or similar?

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