Question mobo-mobo what is compatible


Aug 8, 2019
Right now I have a Gigabyte Z97X G1, I7 4690K, 800W PSU,16 Gb ram, XFX RX5700XT, and 3 SSD's. Yes it is quite old but it has been quite good to me and had gotten me into the comp world beyond the keyboard pecking Ive dont in the beginning.
Mine since had taken itself to the retirement home so to speak and cant keep up no more or function as it was designed. With that being said, I read everything there is to know about selecting a new mobo but I aint going to retain all that info. Lets be honest, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed (and I wanna do this as fast as possible to get back to gaming) that I can say with certainty. Which brings me to the question(s) I have reading threw it all.
With the currant board I have in my rig there has to be a better, faster, stronger ect board that will fall right into its place for a upgrade (get running good the same day that is) but still utilize most if not all of my equipment needed to get it up and running correctly (I've got IE. GPU,CPU,PSU,SSD's ect? or do I, will I be forced to rebuy a lot of the crap that I already have? For instance, Are all X97 boards just that as in basically the same just different tweaks in sort like Chevrolet and GMC ect or Ford and Mercury?.
I am looking for as much plug and play as I can as I am a novice when it opens up (But I can build you any car/truck on the planet go figure) so it shouldn't be too hard I wouldn't think anyways
I know static is a real bad thing also