Question Mobo not recognizing speed of RAM

May 8, 2020
Ok so I dont know what to do. My PC is not recognizing the speed of my ram. I set it to DOCP and set to 4000 but it still says it is 1333. The setting saves but its not running at 4000. Anyone have any ideas? I am on the latest BIOS and it does recognize all 4 sticks at 128MB

Asus G570 Prime Pro
G,Skill Trident Z Royal 64GB DDR4 4000 (4 sticks)
MSI 3080 Trio X
Ryzen 5950
Hey there,

So, your ram is running at 1333mhz (this is actually 2666mhz (ddr - double data rate))

There is an issue with overloading DIMMs with Ryzen. With 4 DIMM slots populated, you cannot run your memory at full speed. In fact, it's limited to a max of 2666/2933mhz. The only option is, if your happy to tinker around in the bios memory settings, you can try set everything manually, and see if you can get them to run at faster speeds.

You would start with leaving the voltage at 1.35, setting your speed as you wish, and leaving timings on auto, so they can adjust themselves in the background if your speed setting works. Then you might be able to get them to boot at faster speed, and then tighten mem timings a little.