Question Mobo or Power supply no signal to screen?

Dec 20, 2019
4 months now I had a problem with my pc, i was playing one night and then i shut down the pc and unplugged it from the power supply just in case there was a storm, next day I plugged everything and turned it on and ir was giving no signal to the screen, I checked all cables, switched hdmi, tried using another screen, but nothing.
A friend came and we tried using other RAM and other GPU but still no signal..
My Motherboard is an Asus 970 pro gaming aura, it has a led light "Sb_Pwr" on, idk if thats good or bad.
I tought it was the power supply because I smelled like something was burned and heard like a weird noise but idk. My friend also tried another power supply but it was 500w not 600w like mine, I even bought a new mobo battery, cmos I think its called, and still no signal
Please help ☹💔
I bought it used and it worked perfectly fine for 2 months and it died somehow
Do you guys think it's the mobo or the power supply? Im afraid i buy one of both and it doesnt work

The power supply is a Thermaltake 600w
Gpu Radeon R7 370 4GB
Cpu FX 8350 with a big Cooler Master
RAM Kingston 4GB ram
Im sorry for bothering
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