Question Mobo running through a bunch of error codes before finally booting


Jul 6, 2016
I have an asus rog x570 crosshair hero 8.. it was running just fine, I installed a new AIO and new ram and now its buggy as heck..

At first, it would hang booting, then hang at the bios screen ( got error about raid)

After testing with old ram and having the same problems, I went ahead and redid the cooler with new thermal paste instead of what came with it, reseated the ram and gpu and it started working.

Turned it on today and it wouldnt boot. Error codes were jsut cycling through, 0d, A2, 02, 55,FB and some others..after about 3 or 4 minutes it booted up.. several tests later and it does the same thing before eventually booting..

No idea what it is.. any help would be appreciated..

Not sure if you need specs but..

Asus Rog Crosshair VIII Hero
Ryzen 9 3900x
Aorus waterforce 2080 super
32 gigs Gskill Neo 3600
650 watt PSU
Thermaltake floe triple riing plus rgb 360
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Phillip Corcoran

"Error codes were just cycling through, 0d, A2, 02, 55,FB"

Only one of those Q-Codes is an error code (55), the others are either reserved for future use or they simply indicate a particular stage in the boot process so it's normal to see these, they can be ignored.

Q-Code 55 however is an error code and means "memory not installed"

Manual Here

Q-Codes listed on pages A1 to A4 in Appendix section near end of manual.