Jul 7, 2006
I am putting together a new build soon and have decided on most of the components. While the video card is still up in the air (HD3870, 8800gt, or new 8800gts depending on availability and amount of money I have at the time), I am going with the Intel e2200 when it comes out and already have a WD7500AAKS HDD and 2gb DDR2 800MHz OCZ RAM. I have never overclocked before but plan to try with this new build. I don't plan to push it to the max, but would like to get ~3GHz on the stock cooler which I hear is achievable with these processors. On to the mobos.

Gigabyte DS3R
I've heard good things about this board, but it doesn't have a heatpipe. Will this matter for my overclock?

MSI Platinum
SLI possible. Not so sure I plan to use SLI, but it is nice to know it is there.

Most of the other features are even that I know of (raid, high quality sound, optical output). Last thing I wanted to mention is that I plan to upgrade to a Penryn processor in about a year. Will these both support Penryn with a BIOS update? Thanks.
I'm voting for the DS3R.

I don't know if the 650i chipset will support Penryn. Even 680i seems to have difficulty. If SLI and Penryn are both important I'd wait for 780i early next year. Also, P5N32-E SLI Plus does SLI at x16+x16, rather than x16+x8 like that MSI.