Question Mobo Swap - GPU now running louder and hotter ?

Dec 23, 2020
So I had purchased a prebuilt (Omen 30L) and had it for a bit but really wanted to swap the case seeing as it had only one intake and outtake fan that were covered by cables and just aesthetic design pieces.

So I moved everything over to a Meshify C case and everything was running really well, my GPU stayed cool under load, everything was fine, even with some cheap $17 3-pack fans I was running

Recently I decided to swap motherboards to a ASUS B-550F ROG STRIX board, as well as swapping my PSU to a 850w Corsair RMx instead of sticking w/ the 500w cooler Master one that originally came with it that was already starting to act up

I noticed that my GPU temps now hit a max of 82c. I decided to swap out my fans for noctua fans and put a VGA cooler under the card and it literally made no difference in temps.

My GPU runs pretty loud now too so I’m wondering if this is normal, is there a way to fix this? I’ve tried adjusting fan curves for the card and get it to 77c but it gets LOUD

Here’s the card (I pulled it from the prebuilt)