Oct 30, 2006
Hello, I have an emachines t3624 it does not have an pcie slot or agp only pci. This board is intell based on a 2.66ghz pentium d. 533mhz fsb. First i want to upgrade my mobo is this possibile with a factory built system. Second question is having an Amd bassed board better for gaming or is a intel better?and the last one is if i use my orignal hd with windows xp home edition installed on it is it possibile to switch to an amd board? Thanks in advance for all the help i know iam a newb. Kevin 8O
I suggest a micro atx board with separate pci-e slot for video cards. Check the emachines case connectors going to the board to see if you need to do any splicing. has excellent pictures of all it's boards at all angles, so you can check it against your current board. Intel boards are fine for non overclockers, but Amd will work just as well. And yes, you'll have to reinstall windows with the new board. You can backup your files first with a program such as norton ghost, then format the drive.