[SOLVED] MOBO won't run RAM on it's native frequency

Mar 29, 2021
I've been searching throughout the web and can't seem to find an answer that will allow me to run my RAM in it's native frequency. My MOBO it's compatible with the cards and it used even a 1600Mhz (on 1333mhz setup on BIOS) before.

My PC is as follow:

Intel Xeon x5460 3,16Ghz (adapted to 775). Cooler DeepCool Ice Edge Mini FS
RAM: Kingston Value RAM 8Gb (2x4Gb) DDR3 1333Mhz

GPU: Gigabyte Geforce GT 1030 2Gb DDR5
Power: Corsair 600W
HD: Sata 320Gb (SO) 500Gb (games). Sata
SO: W 10 Home original e and up to date. BIOS also updated (official website)

Before those RAM cards, i used first a dual 4Gb DDR3 (2x2Gb) XMS3 Corsair of 1333Mhz running on it's native frequency 1333Mhz with no issues at all. They went bad and i replaced them for another dual 8Gb DDR3 (2x4Gb) Corsair Dominator 1600Mhz, which i set on BIOS to run in 1333Mhz and it did properly. They also went bad over the years (they worked, but with erros, specially in games). With both the FSB to North Bridge was set in "Auto".

That's when the issue begins. I've purchased those dual Kingston Value and when i installed on MOBO the PC would only turn power on, but not boot. Black screen, and that was it. I searched the internet and found several others with the same problem and a curious solution: setting the FSB to North Brigde in 400Mhz manually on BIOS (i had to reinstall older RAM so i could run BIOS). Despite the native frequency of the RAM would match a 333 FSB to north bridge, unlike, in teses, the 400mhz, the PC would only work with 400 (even auto wouldn't work) and RAM in "auto", but the curious thing about it is that the RAM frequency works in 1.110 (DDR 555,5 on CPUz). When i try to change FSB to 333 and memory frequency to auto or 1333Mhz it won't boot.

What could be the problem??? MOBO and RAM are compatible, and they work, but only not in native frequency or auto mode. From what i've learned about
FSB to North Bridge, it seems to be that path betwheen the MOBO and RAM, but it's to complex for me.

I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!