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Dec 1, 2018
So I moved into a guest house (attached behind a garage which is attached to landlords house) for law school.
The wifi comes with rent (which is access to their wifi password) but it is a terrible signal for gaming. We share the same address (I do not have a different address from theirs) and my apartment/ guest house is on a different power circuit.
However, I do have cable TV and there is a coax in the wall in my living room. How do are we able to setup a Moca adapter so that I can get a wired connection in the back apartment? I did research and watched videos but still confused as to where the first adapter goes. I know the second one will attach to my living room and go coax to adapter then adapter to tv and have the ehternet port available to wired connection.

Lastly with the actiontec or any version do I need a POE filter? If so how many and where EXACTLY do they go? We are not exactly sure of the layout of the coax cabling but narrowed it down to this. Will placement of the first adapter and POE (if needed) depend on these layouts? (Sorry for poor sketching I do not have printer paper at my apartment)

Please Note: we share the same address


Please Help :( </3
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Feb 13, 2019
Yeah, that looks okay to me. Put the POE filter on the coax line coming into the property (red) before the first splitter. Use MoCA certified splitters if possible. The Holland brand is pretty good. You can probably get by with whatever splitters are already there, but the MoCA ones are guaranteed to be rated for the appropriate frequencies and have low port-to-port isolation. The POE filter just before the 1st splitter not only prevents MoCA signals from leaking out, but it also reflects part of the signal back so that the effective port-to-port isolation on that 1st splitter is lower than it would be otherwise.

The Motorola units are getting pretty good reviews on Amazon so you might consider those as well.