[SOLVED] Moca Adapter suddenly with spikes


May 6, 2017
SOLVED : DISABLE MICROSOFT ONE DRIVE. This thing is the bane of my last 4 days. Disabling instantly removed the high ping intervals and now I have smooth internet.

Hi everyone. I was able to successfully install a moca network using actiontec 2.0 moca adapters but now I'm running into problems.

On the first night of installation:
  1. I had no problems with my network at all including no spikes.
  2. I had constant 30ms on rocket league
  3. No lag at all during gaming
On the second day after fixing cables last night after gaming and testing session
  1. I started getting lag spikes on an regular interval ~every 40-60 seconds.
  2. This is now also present while using wifi which was not a problem before
  3. Now I'm pushing 50-90ms regularly and 100-400 with these spikes for a good 3-5 seconds on rocket league.
Things I've done
  1. Restarted router
  2. Changed cat 5e default cables from the adapter to cat 6
  3. Changed my current gigabit switch
  4. Changed previous new coax cable used to connect to the adapter/ethernet
  1. No change after router reset
  2. No change after all equipment changed except adapters
  3. Connection to my router stays constant at 3-4ms despite the occurrence of lag spikes.
No, ethernet cable set up is not an option as homeowner does not want cables or modifications around. We currently are using ISP provided router and I cannot change that as well. Before adding moca adapters, my wifi was usually constant unless alot of people are using it. But now these spikes are regular even on wifi. I'm currently waiting on new moca adapters to see if it's the unit that's a problem.

I do not have a POE filter on the coax as when I add it, coax connection is not recognized.

Does anyone have any input?

Did adding moca adapters cause it? Do I need to make any change in router? I don't have much knowledge in configurating things like changing ipv4/v6/subnetmask/IP/etc.

Network set up
  1. Coax cable > moca adapter 2.0 > gigabit switch > router > modem
  2. Coax cable > moca adapter 2.0 > gigabit switch > pc
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