Question Modded Minecraft is crashing with exit code 1 ?


Mar 26, 2019
I have been playing a modded Minecraft pack for the past week and it has been fine. I go to to get on the other day and it crashed with exit code 1. I tried many more times to relaunch it and it kept saying the same thing. I looked for abount a hour on the internet to find any solutions to the problem and saw that reinstalling java may help. So I tried that and it did not work. I tried updating my Nvidia drivers and that did not work. I tried launching Minecraft in the vanilla version that my modded pack was on becuase I have never launched it before. That did not work either, but it did change the way the game "crashed". Instead of the game crashing with exit code 1, it just pops up the launcher for a second like its launching except it never does.
If you have tried some of those steps to no avail, then this could most likely be a "Minecraft launcher" issue, in which the launcher is conflicting with the user name or the installed game directory path.

Make sure the Launcher has the correct path/location of the directory/folder where Minecraft is installed. What is your profile user name in Minecraft ? Does it contain any special characters ?

The game always has a launcher path with user ID. So, if your user id has any special character, the launcher path will disturb and stop launching the game. So, change the launcher path and avoid special characters in it.

I once had this issue on my computer long back, and I did the following. But this should only be done on the vanilla version without any MODS installed. To edit the Minecraft Launcher’s path, right-click on its shortcut on the desktop and then select "Properties".

Switch to the Shortcut tab in the Properties window. Then add the following command line parameter, in the "Target field" at the end of the line. Click OK and then APPLY the changes.

–workDir %ProgramData%.minecraft.


If the above method does not work, then try re-installing the full game from scratch. Remove and delete all previous game files/folders. Make a backup if you want though. If your system has bugs or glitches, they damage Minecraft files.

Moreover, Files can be lost during the installation process. Resultantly, it stops the game, and shows the exit code 1 error. So, try to reinstall the game.