Question Modem and router on different sides of walls


Feb 18, 2019
My modem is on one side of the wall and my router is on the other side of the wall, the wires are fished through the wall on either side so they can connect to each other. Does this cause any problems, my WiFi has recently been cutting out randomly and starting back up randomly. Like on and off randomly. Whenever I try to download something on my pc, the WiFi turns off and resets itself. Should I move the router next to the modem
The wifi only comes from the router. Even if you unplugged the cable to the modem the wifi should still connect to the router. Won't be really useful for most people but say you had a local disk storage you could watch movies off the local drives.

What you need to determine is does only the wifi signal fail or are you losing the internet. See if a pc plugged into the router with a ethernet cable has cut outs. This could mean the cable between the router and the modem is bad. If it is just the wifi then either there is some issue with your PC wifi radio or the router radio. You could try using the 2.4g or 5g radio on the router instead. It would be very rare for both radio chips to fail.

You can't really fix a broken radio chip if that is the actual problem.

The modem being in a different location than the router should be no problem at all. It is extremely common for people that have fiber connections. The fiber modem/ont is normally located where the fiber enters the building and the router is placed where the wifi coverage is best.