Modem doesnt detect pc.


Dec 2, 2011
Ok well the way my home network is setup I have this computer which the family uses and the modem sits on this desk and in the next room is my computer. My sister was done on this computer and for some reason decided to unplug it, she unplugged the entire power strip which had the modem, monitor, and this computer plugged into it. I was on my computer at the time and lost internet and came over and plugged it back in, well when my computer reloaded the internet it said it was a un-(something) public network and I dont know how to work the windows 7 network menu and I couldnt find out how to re-enable it because it only gave the option to disable it, but it wasn't even connected, so I disabled it and it disappeared from the list completely. Now the modem doesnt have the "E1" light which is the port in which my pc was plugged into, so it doesnt detect my pc, I reset the modem six times and my computer twice and it will not detect it, it does however detect this computer and the "E2" light it blinking as usual. Why is my computer not detected? It is acting almost like my ethernet cord went out but I doubt that that is the issue. Please help.
sounds like you disabled your network card.

check under network and sharing center on the left should be change adapter settings