"Modem not present" when WIN 2000 start



When I add an external modem in the WIN2000, it works normally. Then, I turn the PC & modem off. When I try to turn on the PC on again, with the modem off, the modem status in the "control panel-modem" becomes not present, and I have to add again the modem manually.

Can anyone can help me to fix this problem??

Thanks a lot!!! :))


Dec 31, 2007
It's not a problem; it's a feature!

Sort of.

It's not just a Win2K thing ... it's a Windows thing. This happens with many devices, such as scanners, printers, and modems.

Basically ... the solution is to turn on the device before you boot the computer. If there is no communication between the system and the device when Windows starts up, the driver doesn't get loaded, because the device isn't detected. And sometimes, if Windows can't load a driver, it will often refuse to do so the next time you reboot.

If I were you ... I'd leave the modem on, all the time. Or just remember to turn it on before you start the computer.

The only other option is to install an internal modem.


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