Question Modem/Router for Suddenlink Gigabit service

So I am trying to get my own modem/router or a modem and router for Suddenlink gigabit service. I’ve looked online and can’t find an official list. I’ve also seen reports that docsis 3.1 modems do not work. I’ve also seen that puma 3.0 has disconnect problems? If anyone can please give me a list of great modem router combos or individual modems and routers I would appreciate it.
If you can not find it on their web page I would call them. Not sure why cable companies make it so hard, maybe because they want to hide the fact that large parts of their network do not offer the fast service. They make you put in addresses and zip codes to get information.

Unfortunately you can not just hook up any modem to their system. Even if it technically works they will not support it. This is why for example you never see huawei cable modems on the list even though they are cheaper and used on many other parts of the world.

The ISP needs to support the modem and apply software patches etc. This is partially why some do not yet support docsis 3.1 modems.

The puma bug information is outdated. Intel put out a patch for this that fixed or greatly reduced the problem. Real world applications are not affected. The testing programs that use artificial data streams can still detect it but the problems games used to see is gone. The ISP applied this patch to the modem years ago and any new modem you connect to the network is updated to the software level the ISP supports.