Modem/Router Ports are Inconsistent


Mar 31, 2010

Firstly I appreciate the time and effort of all those who read and provide their support for this issue. :)

To Summarize

Modem / Router
Netgear Wireless-N 300 Modem Router DGN2000

Typical Devices on Network
2 x Gaming PC connected via ethernet cable (used daily all day)
1 x productivity laptop connected via wirelss (used rarely)
multiple ipod touches / smart phones connected via wirelss (used sporadically)

I can provide further system details if necssary

ISP / plan
TPG ADSL Off-Net Ultimate 512K/100GB U

The issue
Two days ago i booted my pc up as usual to discover no network response (couldn't load pages or download through other programs) although windows 7 indicated that i was connected to the internet. After turning the modem router off and changing the cables to different ports, testing connectivity in safe mode with networking, reverting to a previous system state, trying different cables and observing the flickering lights on the modem/router i have come to the following conclusions: (note that i have not touched the router firmware since initial installation approx 1 -2 years ago)

- Wireless works fine with normal speeds on all devices
- port 1 works normally
- port 2 works at a very slow speed, when downloading the light will flicker a few times then stop, then repeat
- ports 3 and 4 do not work at all (download wise) although both computers indicate an internet connection

The solution??
So now i ask for the help of those willing; is the modem/router past its life time or has something happened that has changed its operational procedures, ill happily provide any information that will help solve this issue as id prefer not to buy a new one.

Once again thanks