Modem stopped working after reinstalling xp


Dec 28, 2001

Have a friend who is on diallup 56k for his intenet.
He has a Hewlett Packard PC which i believe had XP supplied by HP with it.
In the last few weeks his internet connection has been changed repeatedly by Spyware and rogue diallers etc and as he is in his 80's it's kinda hard to explain whats happening and how to protect himself.

Anyway he asked me to reinstall XP for him and i did this with my Copy of XP.
Everythings been formatted fine and his Scanner and Printers work fine.
But his Modem is not.
It says a cable is unplugged.
It was working ok'before the reformatting and install of XP.
Also he has no sound.

He can only find 1 HP disc and h says he has no others.
When i put the HP disc in nothing happens.
I have even explored the CD and nothing happens even after clicking Autorun.

Any ideas especially for the Modem?
I think it's some sort of ethernet modem even though it's 56k. A realtek rtl1839 or something like that.



Sep 15, 2002
Cable unplugged means there is a network card. It was probably disabled on the last install so that message did not show up. Just right click on the network connection and disable it. Make sure the dialup modem is installed correctly in device manager.
Same goes for sound, make sure it is installed correctly in device manager.
You may need to dig up some drivers for the devices if windows isn't getting them.

They will show up with a yellow exclamation poit if it is not installed.

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