Modem to gigabit switch to e1200 wireless router for DHCP


Feb 17, 2011
The first part, is this even possible? Modem to switch.

Second part, e1200 router plugged into switch, handles DHCP for the switch.

Plug gigabit computers into the switch, non gigabit/wireless devices into the e1200 router.

If e1200 can't handle DHCP for the switch, could I configure a DHCP linux server directly to the switch?

I don't want to limit my network to my e1200 speeds when I have a gigabit capable modem and a gigabit capable switch.
Is it a true modem or is it a router... many people call the device provided by the ISP a modem when many times it is a router.

If it is a router then maybe.

If not then you have the issue of how do you share a single IP address with out the need to pass though a router. This is the key function must people need a router for.

It all most likely does not matter. I doubt you have a internet connection that is even 50m much less a gig. If you really do have a gig internet connection then a couple extra real ips is nothing compared to the many thousands of dollars a month you are paying already.

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