Modern flatbed scanner compared to older Epson Perfection 3200?

Feb 11, 2019

I have an Epson Perfection 3200 flatbed scanner which is still working well. It's used mostly to scan old prints where I don't have the original negatives.

Question: If I buy a more modern scanner such as Canon's 9000F, Epson's v600 or even the Epson V800, would I get better image quality compared to my 3200 when scanning prints?

I would very grateful for your opinion.

Many thanks.


For the most part updating your scanner is likely to improve the scanning results.

However there are always trade-offs involved: price, resolution, performance (scanning times), reliability, etc..

Space required (footprint) weight, power requirements may be factors to think about.

What software and drivers are provided? Can you use other scanning software - e.g., a software application you are comfortable using.

However, all the scanner can do is accurately capture the fidelity of the image being scanned. Not necessarily "better" per se.

Think about what you like about the current Epson 3200 scanner. What features are most important to you and what new requirements are likewise important?

Go to Amazon's website (as a start) and read about the features, the spec's, and customer reviews available for all three scanners.

Compare to your requirements.

Another suggestion: Visit Canon's and Epson websites. Read the scanner manuals, FAQs, and Forums. What you discover and learn can be very helpful with product related decisions.