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Aug 25, 2006
I'm thinking of switching from a CRT Monitor to a LCD monitor for gaming. The last time I thought about this (years ago)ghosting and various other problems made it seem like sticking to my CRT (especially on a limited budget) was the way to go.
Now it's a few years later and I'd like to make the switch (I find I do a lot more reading on the monitor now). My question is with response times now between 5ms and 2ms is there really any problem with gaming on a LCD screen anymore ?
Specifically I've been looking at Monitors between 17" and 22", 23" inches that have either a 5ms and 2ms response time. The 5ms ones are more common and usually a bit cheaper, but if there is a real difference I'd rather take a bit more time a buy one with 2ms.
I plan on buying from either futureshop, best buy, office depot, or tigerdirect ca (Canadian) so if anyone knows any particular brand or model I should look for thanks in advance.
Also I should say I looked through the forums here and googled for information but all the articles and forum entries I could find were form years ago and talking about monitors with much higher response times than what are available
P.S. I had to pick a sub category and there were no sub catagories for displays even though the category is graphics and displays.
you wouldn notice the difference between 2ms and 5ms while gaming the best current main brands lcd is dell($$$ but great quality),samsung(very popular),lg(getting better these days matching samsung in many ways),asus (dont you know asus?),hanns g(good budget choice),hec(vanilla brand mid range)acer(jus a lil under samsung)hp(dunno them)
Check the returns policy of any company you may purchase from first.
Monitors are a very personal choice, what is good for one is apallingly bad for another so you may make an informed, intelligent decision and still hate it when it's working, so make sure you can return it with minimum fuss first.
Try to see the ones you have in mind working and, if possible, get the store people to demonstrate more than just a movie or some Windows apps running.
X-bitlabs has a large collection of fairly up-to-date monitor reviews.


Aug 7, 2009
Some of the best monitor brands. 1 is best. I'm only including the known brands in North America. These choices are opinions and from reading lots of reviews.

1. Samsung
2. LG
3. Asus
4. Acer
5. Dell

I would suggest going into a store and looking at the monitors compare them side by side. Buying monitors on the internet is a little risky because you are only reading from reviews and never looked at the image quality the monitor produces.

5ms vs 2ms, you won't see the difference so there's no point, go for the cheaper one. 5ms
1 ms is a thousandth of a second, so there was no point in asking this 2ms vs 5ms in the first place.
i find Viewsonic very good. although as every one has said it's personal choice.

Back to topic: you wont notice much of a difference between a crt and lcd if your going to do anolog on it.

If you use a DVI cable to do digital then you will see the computer seems snapier and more reponsive.

Not the best, just the most popular name brand.

A lot of their monitors models are actually crappy, but good enough for the general consumer.


Aug 25, 2006
Thanks very much for the Input, especially thanks for the review links. I think I'll try and find a monitor that I can find a good review/article on.
I noticed no one has said don't buy a LCD stick with CRT so I think that bodes well for getting one I can game on.
Thanks again,
Any moniter with a 5ms or less Response Time won't exhibit any ghosting at 60Hz (75Hz may be a problem though). Do take note, the listed number is only the best case, so if you're moniter will support 75Hz, I'd go with a 2ms model.

I recommend the Samsung Syncmaster line (T220 = 22", T240 = 24", T260 = 26"); low Response Times, good picture quality, good design, and generally affordable.

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