Question Modular PSU Smoking From Cords


Mar 2, 2016
Hello, I was on my computer today and it turned off randomly. I thought it was a loose connection, so I jiggles some cords and hit the power button a bunch to see if it’d turn back on, it just made a weird clicking sounds.

After pressing the power button many times, smoke started coming from the CPU and GPU cords connected to the power supply, the plastic was slightly melted and smelled horrible.

I unplugged all the cords and found that the other end of the CPU cable was also slightly melted, but the plug was fine on the motherboard.

Im on my way to purchase another power supply. Do you think the issue is a bad power supply, or a bad CPU?

All of my computer parts are only a few months old, I have a 850 watt Corsair power supply, 2070 super and a 10700K intel processor.

The computer will not turn on.

I did try and switch cords for the graphics card, it produced the same result, except it turned on for a split second then off again and started smoking from those cords. I did not have an extra cable to test the CPU cable at that point. Those two cords on the power supply are right next to each other, so I couldn’t pinpoint which exact one it was coming from.
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