Monger is now updated with KMW and new features.



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Starting with KMW, Monger will now be updated from the CSV files hosted
by White Wolf. Future expansions should appear in Monger the day of
the CSV updates.

A quick glance at some KMW cards leads me to believe that I fixed all
the parsing bugs and everything appears to be in there. If you find
any errors, as always please report them to me. I can still fix the
system quickly via my old update tools. I didn't bother to include
pretty discipline images with this release, simply cause I just wanted
to get the data out there. I might have that included by the next

Additional features with this release :

You can now search by 3-way Anarch cards (checkbox is near Flight and

With the proliferation of deck building tools, I have decided to change
the URL method to access the individual cards to make it easier for
these tools to integrate with Monger for exporting HTML decks. While
existing links should still work, starting with KMW and on, I won't be
providing internal ID numbers for the cards. Instead, you can now
access the card directly by name.

Examples :

VAMPIRES -> using showvamp.html
You want to look up Dylan :

If you wanted to look up Dylan Advanced, include %20ADV at the end of
their name :

Or Jost Werner
or Werner

Deck Programs using the CSV file should have no problem using the
correct titles to access the cards. Other programs can refer to the
CSV file to get the necessary card title for NAME. It seems spaces
instead of %20 also works in my browser, but just to be safe you
probably should make sure it's URL encoded :)

I went the extra mile so that you could quickly look up stuff without
the full name. If you use 'name' instead of 'NAME', it'll try to do a
best guess. This quick search is not case sensitive, nor is it
guaranteed to be accurate if you use a very common token. Not sure if
this will end up being useful since the interface will provide a list
of possible results while this will not...but what the heck.

LIBRARY -> using showcard.html
Mostly the same, just using a different file:,%20The


I'd like to thank everyone that have made donations up to this point.
I'm really happy that you guys find this application useful. If you
can think of any features that would enhance your experience that
wouldn't require a lot of programming time, don't hesitate to ask. I
think I've included most of the popular ones by now, but I honestly
forget :p

Ethan Burrow - the pre/vic guy (I'm trying to make this my VTES email)


Archived from groups: (More info?)

>You can now search by 3-way Anarch cards (checkbox is near Flight and

YAY!! Awesome feature! I love being able to look for 3-ways that
include discipline x. Not that I don't have every 3-way power
memorized, but for the future, when MORE 3-ways get added...

Eric Simon
Prince of Chicago