Monitor Advice for New Build


Nov 23, 2012
Hey everyone, i am looking for advice for what monitor to purchase for my pc that i will be building very soon, just need a few more parts.

I am currently looking at these monitors: - $270.25 (tn) - $249.00 (tn) - $279.00 (tn) - $279.00 (ips)

I was wondering what monitor would be the best, as i play mostly fps's, a lower response time is obviously best, but the 23 inch Asus has an IPS display, and only has a 5ms response time compared to 2ms on the rest, but according to reviews it is barely noticeable and there is no ghosting.

I am also open to suggestions on monitors :)

Note that i live in New Zealand, which is why the prices are so high, and some monitors are not available :)

Thanks for any help ! :D

+1 it's decent i rather have asus but his recommendation is good ;)