Question Monitor artifacts while starting windows with hdmi

Jul 17, 2019
Hi everyone and thank you. Sorry for my english.

My pc:
Asus z170 pro gaming
i3 6100
4x2 ram hyper x fury
rx 580 8g
1ssd with OS
1 hdd 1tb

I just bought a new monitor (Samsung S24F350). Untill now I've used a Philips 22pfl3405h/12(With the same hdmi cable). I've never had this problem with the philips. With the new monitor, when I start windows (just while is loading bios and then windows) artifacts appear on the whole screen(sometimes the color changes but usually sky blue when loading bios and green when loading windows. Like vertical rows. When I get to windows no problems at all. While playing no problems at all, even after hours. I've tried to reinstall gpu drivers using gameguru's ddu in safe mode and I've noticed that in safe mode the artifact are present always, even in the OS. But if I open a window the window is normal, just artifacts on the background. While installing drivers the screen become totally green but no artifacts, just like a green filter on the whole screen. I've tried the integrated graphics and with vga I have no problem at all, even while loading windows. But still the same problems if I plug in the hdmi cable at the integrated. That's a relief so the problem doesn't seem the gpu! I've tried an amazon firestick in the hdmi port of the monitor and no problems at all. Should it be the new monitor? the clues let me think that. Is it possible to be the cable? or something else that I don't figure out? Any suggestion? Thank you for the help