Question Monitor (Asus VG278Q) goes black when load is applied to another device on the same power line

Jul 30, 2020
Hello everyone!

I would like to hear some thoughts on a weird problem I have been facing since I purchased an Asus Monitor. Specifically the monitor is the VG278Q, a 27" 144hz one. I will add a schematic of my room's set-up for all the aspiring electricians out there. The monitor is hooked on my GPU (that being an RX5700 XT) via a DP cable. The power outlet it uses is Grounded properly.

So, whenever I would be doing anything on my PC, whether my computer is idling or I am listening to music, gaming etc (The PC's workload does not affect the problem) the monitor often goes black for 3-4 seconds and then lights up again. Now, I've done some troubleshooting myself and found out that this occurs only when another device lights up OR if I switch on the A/C in my room, OR even if I turn the lights on. It also occurs when I pull the 3,5mm jack out of my external sound card o_O...! Sometimes this occurs even if somebody uses the elevator in our building (I live in an apartment, inside a block of flats). I am pointing this out, because in the beginning I was thinking this would be a problem that resides within the specific power line that the monitor is hooked on, which, turned out to be false.

The computer continues functioning normally, I still get sound from my speakers, nothing freezes. It's just the monitor that goes black, as if it resets or so.
I have tried to see if that would happen with other monitors as well and it doesn't! I also tried using a new power supply (19V) which didn't solve the issue.

I'm kind of out of options and/or thoughts, so.... Any idea would be greatly welcome!!!

My room's power line schematic:

Thank you for your time in advance :giggle:



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