Question Monitor black screen on startup (and more) ?

Nov 22, 2022
I updated my Nvidia driver for my 3090 and prior to the driver update I had zero issues with startup. Since the update a few hours ago, I have tried to resolve this issue by checking to make sure everything has been plugged in, I'm getting proper power supply on startup (I have a Corsair H150i Elite 360mm AIO that tells me when there is a power issue to CPU), fans all run, I've checked the voltage and everything seems fine. The monitor itself is on and tells me there is no signal but I am able to change sources (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Display Port, and Type-C which it displays and has the black backlighting on as opposed to being black from no power). No matter which source I select the screen stays black with the only solution being to remove the HDMI and re-insert it. Doesn't matter which port I remove or insert from, just that it happens and I've done this about a dozen times now. Monitor works, restart PC, screen is black on startup and I go through the process described.

The other issue at hand is I had updated the driver originally because my Nvidia Control Panel was missing the display settings and I noticed that my CPU's native graphics was enabled. I updated my driver for my 3090 and restarted to go into the MSI BIOS to change the native graphics to my 3090 but the BIOS doesn't want to start up for some reason, and I believe it has to do with my monitor because I am normally able to get into my BIOS and have on this machine before for overclocking and checking various things that I don't do on Afterburner. I don't know why the issue with my monitor is causing me to be unable to go into my BIOS, but spamming delete (MSIs button, but I've tried F12 as well since delete wasn't working), and each time I get the monitor working I'm already on my Windows login screen.

Sorry for the wall of text but it would be super helpful if either (or both) of these issues could be resolved. Thanks! :)