Question Monitor black screen problem

Oct 12, 2020
Good day!

So I have this laptop with a broken display (no display at all) and I connected it to a monitor to be able to use it. However, I cannot use it properly since it says "input signal out of range" and a black screen background but the laptop seems to work fine. So I checked some old forums available in the internet and disabling the Intel display driver worked fine. So I can use the monitor now on normal mode however, I cannot even run games and some applications which is most probably due to the Intel display driver being disabled. I also tried updating the driver in normal mode (I haven't tried updating it in safe mode) but the display on monitor suddenly went black and the "input signal out of range" message appeared again. So currently, I am running it again with the Intel display driver disabled and I am wondering how to properly fix this because I need to run some specific software which might need an enabled display driver. What do you think should I do to be able to use my laptop with the said monitor.

Thank you in advance for the help and responses.