Question Monitor black screen ?


Mar 6, 2020
Hi, I am running a 3 monitor setup, and I'm having trouble with one of my monitors. It does this every blue moon where one monitor goes black screen, and it will not "Extend desktop to this display." I have tried switching cables, restarting the PC, power cords, I checked that the monitor is on, but nothing works. I know some signal must be going because when I turn on my PC it turns on the monitor and it says "DisplayPort - NO SIGNAL" to all monitors for a second, then they turn on windows. This particular monitor never does, it continues to say NO SIGNAL.

I checked drivers, and when I click extend this display, my computer freezes like its trying but just cant. Like freezes to the point that nothing works, nothing moves on the screen, my rgb stops working on my keyboard, mouse wont move. I am using a GTX 1080ti and my monitors are ASUS VG248QE. Not that I think it matters, but I have a Ryzen 5900x, water cooled, 32gb corsair vengeance ram, and over 6tb of HHD and m.2 storage.


Make and model of your PSU and it's age? Have you tried using DDU to uninstall (all)your GPU drivers? You're advised to reinstall the latest GPU driver in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator, once you've cleared your platform of the prior drivers using DDU.

Make and model of your motherboard? BIOS version for said motherboard? If you're on Windows 10, what version(not edition) of the OS are you working with?