Question Monitor blacks out, gpu fans full speed.

david slayer

Feb 14, 2012
Hello, during games, just on desktop, or in browser my monitor will blackout / lose signal and gpu fan goes 100%.
Today i got this light blue screen that i've never seen before. gpu fan didn't go full blast like usual, i tried resetting video driver with win+ctrl+shift+b then it finally froze, & i restarted.

i've already gone back to an nvidia driver from march, and updated bios (but went back to old one), and last night i uninstalled my windows 21h1 installation to hopefully get out of the new functioning DWM- desktop windows manager, because i've seen dwm in event viewer under critical error.
i just rebuilt this computer in january, and it worked fine until like May (the release of 21h1 by the way).

i have an old 2009, but high quality XFX 650w 80 bronze PSU (made by Seasonic), i don't see it being the problem my voltages seem all stable.
but someone in a thread suggested you need a gold PSU for the MSI armor oc gtx 1070 i have, i noticed it's core speed hits 1900mhz, even though the specs for it say 1700 some mhz. i bought it used on ebay, seller didn't mention if they messed with anything or if it's supposed to do that ?..

help would be very appreciated! (specs in signature).
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