Question Monitor Blacks Out to “No Signal” After Signing in to windows desktop

Jul 10, 2020
Problem: So after reinstalling my GPU into the 1 of 3 desired sockets, I lock it into place and turn my computer on. So far everything is going great. My windows sign in page shows up as normal as an other time I see it and I proceed to sign in. I successfully sign in and after 20-30 seconds or so, I’m surprised by a black screen and my monitor showing up to read a “No Signal” post. I play around with both monitors, (Side Note: I didn’t have both monitors on when first turning on the PC to see if it would even post) switching display port cables and everything. Still the same outcome. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling my NVIDIA drivers.
What I’ve Gathered: When the Windows sign in page shows up, I could leave it on that for as long as I want. It doesn’t black out to a “No Signal” post, but once I sign in to the desktop, give it at least 10 seconds and blackout to “No Signal”.
Conclusion: I’m pretty certain that it’s more of a monitor issue than a GPU issue though I’m willing to accept it as one if proven otherwise. Right now I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the Display port cables but I’m not ruling out the monitors have <Mod Edit> the bed.
Monitors: I have two 27” Curved MSI monitors, my GPU is an NVIDIA GTX 1070
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