Question Monitor buying advice.

Jul 24, 2022
Looking at IPS, I'm looking at a:
  • Sceptre ‎E248B-FPT168,
  • Asus ‎E248B-FPT168 and
  • Asus VG249Q
I don't need speakers, and I need VESA compatibility. How do those, or similarly priced, compare to my Toshiba 23L1350U and is it better than the Acer Nitro QG241Y P?
Well I think there is a mistake, the Asus monitor you labeled is the same model number as the Scepter.

The info you provided, Both the Asus VG and Sceptre E24 appear to be pretty decent according to the reviews, but if you absoultly want to stickw ith 1080p, I'd personally go with the Sceptre for the 165hz over the 144hz as even mid teir cards can do really well at getting close to 165hz these days at 1080p on a lot of games.

Both of them monitors will be much better than that Toshibia TV, picture quality and everything, and the movement will be much smoother than that Acer Nitro monitor and that TV, granted you have the hardware to push above 60hz and 75hz of the Nitro.

I would however look into a 1440p monitor if its in budget, the extra picture clarity (PPI) in games looks better at 27inch than what 1080p does. But 1080p will be easier to run, and down scaling to 1080p on a 1440p panel will sorta not look the best, so it will depend on your PC's hardware and what its capable of and the games you play.

I will always recomend a monitor with 100+hz over a 60hz monitor even if the hardware isn't always capable of driving a high refresh rate monitor, just moving windows alone is so much smoother.

Anyway, i'm no expert, and monitors is always sort of a debatable thing.

Good Luck!