Monitor can't pick up computer


May 17, 2012
I just got a computer from a friend. It has overheated before, but last night (and this week) it has been fine. I shut it down last night, when I restarted it today the monitor can't pick up the computer. While the monitor is not plugged into the pc it says no signal and I tried it with another pc and it worked. When I plugged it into this pc the screen goes black. I have tried restarting it several times and it doesnt help! any suggestions please?
First off using a overheating computer is suicide: you need to find the problem 1st before or you will damage it eventually.

Now the first step I would do is open the box and take the memory out, try to boot: if you get beeps, it means the mobo, and processor is ok, so is the power supply.

What tells you that the computer is overheating. Have you any temperature reading ?

To resolve overheating : 1 - check for dust in cpu fan / gpu.
2 - if cpu overheating : apply new thermal paste / replace fan if defective

If this didn't change anything, maybe the PSU is defective

Also when you post for help it would be good to include full details of the computer

Good luck