Question Monitor Cleaning Question

May 23, 2022
Hello forum,

I'd like to ask a basic question regarding monitor screen cleaning. I've got a Benq 2500Q and was wondering what can be used, in order to prevent dead pixels.

I've got a strong memory of me and my father cleaning a Samsung monitor back in the mid-2000s with some kind of a spray for monitors and seconds after I slowly and surely saw pixels dying in real time...

Thanks in advance!
The monitor should tell you what you can use to clean it. But the general guidelines are:
  • Nothing with ammonia (window cleaners) or bleach
  • High concentration isopropyl alcohol is fine for fingerprints and the like
  • Use a microfiber cloth, avoid paper based clothes
  • Don't apply a lot of pressure
I'd recommend wetting the cloth over spraying on the monitor. Also in a pinch, breathing on it and wiping it down can work.