Question Monitor connected on laptop suddenly no signal?!

Mar 18, 2019
Good day!

I Really need help as i'm getting frustrated and losing hope already..

So i'm using a laptop ( ACER VX-15 ), and an extended monitor ( SPECTER PRO XT24NS )

I was able to use it smoothly until last night. The next day, I turned on my laptop and noticed that my extended monitor was not giving any display as i try to on and off the monitor, it says no signal.

I tried plugging my laptop to another monitor (samsung forgot the model sry) but it works just fine. And my monitor (SPECTER PRO) also works on my brothers computer. but not in my laptop anymore :(

I also tried the following:
  • change of HDMI Cable
  • reset laptop
  • updated, resinstalled drivers
But still it doesn't work.. please someone... help me... i'm really on the verge of losing hope... It was working until last night.. I didn't do anything weird either.. Just turned it off normally then the next day it doesn't display anymore... please... help.. i've been trying to find ways for 3 hours already..