Question Monitor connecting problem

Jun 21, 2019
Yesterday i tray to connect theerd monitor on my Morgana (desktop pc)
Morgana have:
cpu: R5 2600
mbo: aorus x370 gaming k7 bios (F30)
gpu: msi rtx 2060 gaming z
ram: kingston predator 2x8gb 3000
psu: antec TP750oc gold
1st monitor lg 24" fullhd connected in DP to HDMI adapter (link 2 active lenovo adapter)
2st Grunding 102cm LED FullHD TV (direct connect with HDM cabel)

First monitor is primary for watching, secend is extanded but primary for sound.

I want to connect my theerd monitor LG LED FullHD IPS 22" like extanded screen with adapter DP to HDMI (in that case DP is PC HDMI monitor like extanded screen)
After connecting and restarting PC, windows 10 1903 with yeterday last update see E22LG monitor, but i dont have physical visual screen on my monitor.
I have clean install drivers, setup is corect in windows, monitor is tested (work perfectly, adapter is tested (work like new), HDMI cabel work great. Graphic card is new and work perfectly, but cabt show my desktop.
When i open nVidia Control Panel, and HDCP is not supported in the same time i have ond the screen power saving mode...
BUT windows see monitor and i have full control without screen.

Alot of people have the same problem worldwide with RTX card.
I was look on youtube and search google.
But problem is the same.

This question is last thing what i got.