[SOLVED] Monitor Darkens, and acts up whenever going full screen


Oct 2, 2014
Hello all, I've been troubleshooting my issues for about a week now. It's mostly just been an annoyance, so I ignored it, but it's annoyed me for too long now.

Okay, to start I've got two monitors set up, one is a Samsung Series 4 4k UHD 40 Inch TV, and the other is an oldish 1080p Dell 24 Inch Monitor.

Now I first noticed something was off when my Chrome Remote Desktop, that I use through my phone to remotely access my computer, no longer showed both monitors (But still will show both monitors if I connect while signed out, and sitting at the sign in screen, so a likely software issue with start up processes) Instead, it would show my Dell Monitor on my phone, but if I move about the mouse I can see that the mouse moves on the Samsung TV instead. Weird.

Now I had noticed, starting with Opera, that while it was full screened, if I move the cursor about the screen (on the Dell) The graphics will shine and bright many colors. I didn't think much of it when it first happened, and forgot about it, until I tried to full screen a youtube video on my Dell, and the screen got much darker than normal suddenly.

Perhaps unrelated, but when attempting to set Battlefield 5 to borderless windowed mode, it would stretch across both monitors, and be at such a large resolution that you cannot see the middle of what should be the game screen.

Phew, I think that's all the issues, been going crazy trying to fix these issues which may or may not be all related. Thank you for reading, and for the potential answers.