[SOLVED] Monitor detected but not getting any signal from new gpu?

Jul 22, 2020
Hello. Recently I bought new gpu gtx 1050 ti, but when I connect the gpu my vga monitor refuse to get any signal from gpu or even motherboard, I connected it using dvi-D to vga converter for gpu.
However, when I connected the gpu to tv via hdmi, I got signal from gpu and it is working fine.

When I checked the display settings I found my old monitor is being detected but not active and windows or gpu can't identify it.

When i remove the gpu and use the old one gt610 the old monitor works normally and without issues.

Here is the pictures

My second monitor asus is the one not recieving signal


And this is the screen, no signal and goes black

Updated my gpu and monitor.
Single monitor wont fix it either.

Should I use hdmi to vga converter or that wont fix it?
Because the working monitor is hdmi and connected on the gpu's hdmi so it is hdmi to hdmi

Or that wont fix the problem?