Question Monitor diconnects randomly when second is turned off

Mar 19, 2022
I've had this problem for almost two years.
I also only found one other usable forum post about this:
My main monitor just disconnected out of nowhere for about half a second. The widgets/shortcuts of the second monitor can be seen briefly on the main monitor and then, as in the tomshardware forum, the Gsync sign appears at the bottom right. This happens about once a day and it doesn't matter whether the PC is under load or not.
However, it ONLY happens when my second monitor is switched off with the standby button (since I don't need it every day to save energy)

I really felt like I tried EVERYTHING in these two years. All energy saving settings, monitor settings, graphics card settings, etc. I've already forgotten many steps, but trust me I tried a lot... :D
New monitor cables, new power supply, new graphics card (didn't buy it because of the problem but just to rule it out).
My monitors are both Acer and Gsync 144Hz. Main monitor is 1440p Second 1080p.
One thing I've noticed over time is that in the display settings, my secondary monitor is number 1 and my main monitor (also set as the main display) is number 2.

I'm sorry that I can't remember all of my troubleshooting steps, but maybe someone else has the same problem or you have some good ideas that the internet hasn't told me about yet.

thank you