Question Monitor disappears from system when turned off. Device disconnect sound plays, displays refresh

Hello all,
I wanted to ask about a behavior I'm seeing from my monitor. It's an AOC G2460P and I used to have it connected via HDMI to my GTX 1070 (not to or super) in my Windows 10 PC with an ASROCK B450 gaming-ITX/AC motherboard.

When the monitor was hooked up via HDMI, the system still saw it even though it was turned off. I could drag a window over from my other screen, and it would be ready and waiting for me when the monitor finished turning on.

Now that it's connected via DisplayPort, I notice a different behavior. When I turn it off, the Device Disconnected sound effect plays, and the monitor disappears from Settings as well as Nvidia Control Panel. Any windows that were open on that screen just get piled up on the display that's still on.

Is this normal? My other monitor doesn't do this, and it's connected via DVI-D.

Thanks in advance to all that reply.


Oct 10, 2016
Well I turned off my displayport connected monitor just now and got a disconnect chirp from the PC. I'm trying to figure out why I would care. The monitor is on all the time, goes into a sleep mode and comes right back up with the PC boots.

The device manager still shows it when I turned it off, but I did not reboot to see if it got removed from system.

Greg N