Question Monitor disconnects and reconnects continuously

Apr 17, 2019
Hello there, i have a laptop which i use for daily programming. I decided to buy a monitor so i can see better and since my back hurts from hunching.

The problem is when i use my monitor, randomly my monitor disconnects and reconnects in 1-2 seconds. I have tracked the heat and overall performance and it is completely random. Sometimes it never disconnects when im playing games, but sometimes you literally cannot play. When doing coding while the temps are as low as 30 degrees, it randomly disconnects. This happens either back to back or completely randomly as i have said. I have tracked that this is also the case on my tv but it happens much less frequently. When i normal surf it never disconnects and it disconnected like 2 times when i was playing games. I have updated my graphics card and whatever i could need. I am not sure why this problem is happening i would really like the help.

Note : When playing games on the laptops own monitor, nothing happens. No disconnects or whatever. Works perfectly.