Question Monitor display goes black after several seconds

Feb 13, 2019
Im using 2 monitors on my setup. I've pluged one with hdmi and another vga to dvi (with active adapter). When i start pc (the one with a dvi adapter) monitor turn on displays desktop but after like 5 secs it goes black while its power button is still on. when i turn off with power button and turn back on it displays desktop but turn black in 5 secs again. adapter and cable is good working for 3-4 months. it started to happen this morning and dunno why. 2days ago new nvidia driver came out and when i tried to install both monitors went black in the middle of installation and stayed like that for 2-3 mins so i restarted my pc. but today when this happened i reinstalled drivers but still same bug. can it be os problem or technical issue ?