Question Monitor display is black while PC running

Jun 25, 2019
I started having this problem few weeks ago. I bought new PC in about half year. Motherboard Asus A320M, Ryzen 2400g, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia 1050ti and 500w Power supply. PC was running on dual montiros for months and suddenly my main monitor started to change resulotuions and he turned off telling me that there is no signal. 52minutes later, that happened on other aswell. I reconneted everything again but it wouldnt work. Then i disconnected my external GPU and PC would run on my
integrated GPU. That was okey for a few days. Few days later i shut down my PC and few hours i turn it again but again I had no signal. I reconnect everything again, checked my cabels and stuff but it still didnt display any picture. I bought new motherboard, same as previous but i could get picture 1 time other one i cant. I removed and put back my CMOS, same did with RAM, and i got picture. I didnt try to run my PC with external GPU yet. I got double 4gb RAM. Im wondering, can RAM cause this type of problem or it is power supply? I disconnected my CD/DVD so i can get more power for rest, but that didnt help. I didnt get BEEP sound from my PC that should occure if RAM is not working, and i doubt that both plates of RAM died in same time.
sorry I have no idea what a din is converted to £ but it looks cheap to me and you only get a few years life out of a PSU the capacitors die and you do have to buy a new one,4229.html
Evga g2/g3
Seasonic focus/prime
I would recommend an EVGA SuperNova Gold G2 / or new G3 /GS / GQ, Platinum P2 / PS, or Titanium T2 or a Seasonic M12-II Evo or S12-II
GOOD PSU EVGA is a B2, G2, G3, P2, GS, PS, or T2. Avoid the EVGA B1 and G1 series/ I bought a EVGA G3 with 7year garentee