Question Monitor display turns off, audio cuts off, and computer fans get loud when I play high end games. Ex: Warframe.

Jun 16, 2020
This started happening 4 days ago. I decide to hop into Warframe and after 3 minutes, the issue started. I monitored the cpu temps and it was at 53-55(celsius) and the gpu was at 76(celsius). I checked for viruses and there were none. I ran some troubleshooting and there were no issues found. Im starting to think its the power supply's problem. This issue never happens when I'm playing games that are less intensive like Valorant or when I'm on chrome or just idling. What's wrong?

Mine is a prebuilt pc that I bought 2 years ago and there were no problems until now:

Edit: I have a 450w power supply. Probably burned out?
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