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Question Monitor Displays "No Signal" After Few Moments Of Playing A SELECT FEW Games.

Sep 26, 2019
CPU: Intel I3 - 4130 @3.40 GHz

For the past ONE YEAR, I have been having problems with my display saying "No HDMI signal detected" after a few moments of playing certain games.
This used to happen on specific games such as Rocket League and Minecraft. This then changed to Roblox and Rainbow Six Siege. And then it used to happen in every game.
I read numerous forum posts and found that underclocking the GPU helped with the no signal error. However, it wasn't fixed
completely. Games like Rocket League still used to get no signal error after 5 minutes of playing. I eventually had to underclock even further to stop the error. Then, today, I finally decided to make a forum post about this.

It doesn't matter if the game is intensive on hardware since Rocket League and Valorant crashes too, which are both low-intensity games. What I found out was that in the Kombuster Test (from MSI Afterburner) almost always gave the no signal error. The screen goes black, audio can still be heard at times, however what I found most interesting was that sometimes the hardware disconnect sound plays, windows error message plays (rarely) and maybe even a few motherboard beeps that gave mixed results (CMOS error beeps? GPU error beeps? Memory error beeps?)

So whenever I get the signal lost error, I can't even do a restart using my PC's restart button. I have to directly turn off the power switch and turn it on again. A soft reset didn't work either, as the screen still didn't get any signal.

Please help, I planned on getting a new PC but COVID 19 has delayed that for far too long.