Question Monitor distortion?


Apr 2, 2015
Hello I just recently bought an ASUS VG248 3D monitor from amazon. It was supposed to be "used - like new" with the few minor physical damages on just the stand but when I received it there was an annoying dead pixel on the right side of the screen with that entire side being distorted and blurry. I currently have 2 of these monitors, the first one I bought brand new and now this one that I was planning to use for dual monitors. The weird part about all of this is the distortion issue in this second monitor I bought is only there if the screen is not above 60hz. I still have dead pixels but I cannot use this monitor on anything but my pc (since I also use it for xbox.) Does anyone know if there may be a fix for this or am I stuck with this monitor that has to be at 144hz to even use it properly? I have been calling local shops all morning to see if anyone does monitor repair but sadly it seems that no one ever works on monitors themselves which is crazy to me. If its not a laptop or a tv or even an arcade machine I seem to be SOL...

Also, drivers on the monitors are up to date, I have tried swapping DP cords, tried resetting the computer itself, changing resolutions, and resetting the monitor settings to factory. Nothing seems to get rid of this blurry distortion.