Question Monitor does not recover after 'sleep'


Nov 19, 2012
I have an older HP EliteBook 8440p - has been a workhorse for me for >5 years - but for a failed HDD. I don't remember when this issue started, but it was after a new HDD install and re-installation of Win 7 - (but have been unable to install all updates - which may be the issue??) I have the monitor set to turn off after 20 min. and computer to go to sleep after 30 min. with either situation - the monitor does not always 'turn on' fully when I 'wake' the computer again; it will go from black to gray - but not 'on'. I know the computer is working cuz the hd and cpu lights are on and I can hear the cdrom 'check in' after sleep. But the monitor will not 'wake'. I usually have to sleep/hibernate the computer for a few seconds, then hit the spacebar and/or move the mouse (usually both simultaneously) to force the monitor display to turn on. Sometimes I have to repeat this process 4 or 5 times and it seems to be getting worse. I had a BSOD recently - which makes me think all this sleeping and waking is not good. thoughts??



What is the make and model of the SSD you're using? If you're able to boot into BIOS for your laptop, might want to check and see what the BIOS version is at the time of writing. The monitor you speak of, is it the laptop's own panel or an external unit? You might be experiencing an issue with your display drivers. I'd advise on seeing if you can boot to OS GUI, use DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers and source the latest drivers for your display adapter from HP's support site. You will need to install the driver(and all relevant drivers) in an elevated command, i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

The issue cold even be due to an OS corruption. Might want to redownload your Win 7 ISO from Microsoft, in order to refabricate your bootable installer. Also, you could try installing Windows 10, then install all necessary drivers for the laptop in compatibility mode, i.e, Right click installer>Properties>Compatibility tab>Windows 7(in drop down menu), provided you're up for a little experimentation.