Monitor Failure



Is there any conceivable way that a bad DVI cable could damage a monitor in such a way that the monitor would no longer power on?

Here is the history:
My 9-month old Samsung monitor failed. Powered off unexpectedly and would not turn back on.
The warranty replacement turned on for 30-60 seconds and then failed.
The second warranty replacement would not turn on at all.
The third warranty replacement would not turn on at all.
I bought a used monitor and that would not turn on at all.

Each monitor was the same model.

Two different power cords were used (the original Samsung power cord and a brand new power cord from Samsung). Some monitors were first turned on with power cord #1, others with power cord #2.

The same DVI cable was used with all monitors the first time they were turned on.

My ancient Hitachi works fine using an RGB cable (no DVI input).
It has its own power cable.

After the first failure of each Samsung monitor, I tried different power cables (including the Hitachi cable). No power on.

I also tried using an RGB cable with the Samsungs to no avail.

I'm left with three possibilities:
1. The DVI cable killed each and every Samsung monitor.
2. I have two bad power cables, and they killed all the Samsung monitors.
3. Every replacement Samsung monitor, including the used one, was already bad.

Every one of these options seems impossibly unlikely, but there are no other answers.




Sounds strange but I guess it could be possible that the DVI output on the video card could be killing the monitors, or the video card's DVI output itself is bad. Have you tried any of the failed monitors on another computer? I would do that just to be sure the monitor actually died, and make sure you use the DVI output.


The power light does not turn on.

The computer is fine, as tested through the RGB output using an older monitor.

I have not tested any of these monitors with another system -- I saw no point in that since they do not power up.